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Relaxing in your hammam with an ocean of sound, scent, and color.

Exclusive private hammam filled with extras that stimulate your senses.

  • ​Relax and indulge in tranquil conversations in a beautifully designed steam bath, where time stretches endlessly.
  • Be enveloped in refined fragrances, serenaded by soothing melodies, and surrounded by calming colors.
  • Experience complete privacy, with no other guests around, only with your chosen companions, in a haven of tranquility.
  • Immerse yourself in boundless relaxation while enjoying breathtaking views.

The sensory hammam of the 21st century awaits you!
Experience the contemporary version of a hammam in your exclusive private retreat at UmiNooz in Ostend. Nooz has transformed this centuries-old tradition into a unique quality time experience for all your senses.
Step into a stylish environment with subtle design, natural tones, and materials that can be personalized to match your preferences with a color scheme that suits you.
Delight in the soothing warmth and exquisite aromas of essential oils.
Create the perfect ambiance with your own music on our high-quality sound system.
And as if that weren't enough, your private retreat offers an enchanting panoramic view of your entire UmiNooz apartment, where you can completely relax and enjoy each other's company undisturbed.

Weather-independent and suitable for all seasons.
Experience an instant vacation feeling, regardless of the season, as at UmiNooz, it's always beautiful weather in Belgium. Immerse yourself in this unique and weather-independent relaxation experience and indulge in pure pampering.
At Nooz, we are dedicated to making important moments in your life unforgettable, every day of the year.



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