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Indulge in a sensory-pleasing experience in the outdoor sea sauna.

An enchanting experience of relaxation and indulgence with breathtaking views

  • Enjoy ample space to lie down or sit side by side in your own private sauna.
  • Admire a breathtaking panorama of sea views and the skyline over Oostende.
  • Marvel at an exclusive design featuring soothing natural materials.
  • Experience both a classic Finnish sauna and infrared heat.
  • Delight in automatic infusion sessions at your convenience.
  • Listen to superior sounds that match your mood.
  • Customize the color ambiance according to your personal preference.
  • Enhance your sauna experience with delightful fragrances that transport you on a journey of relaxation.
  • Unparalleled sensory private sauna with fantastic views.
Step into UmiNooz's unparalleled private sauna and explore the spacious private terrace.
Enter our stunning Outdoor Sea Sauna, located on the 21st floor, where a sensory experience awaits you and your companion.
Be amazed by the beautiful design and spaciousness of the sauna bed, allowing you to comfortably lie down or sit side by side.
From your sublime private sauna, enjoy a fascinating view over the coast, reminiscent of a scene from a beautiful film.
Let yourself be overwhelmed by the endless panorama through the floor-to-ceiling sliding window of your private sauna.

Discover the ultimate relaxation and enjoy exclusive quality time with this unforgettable panoramic private sauna experience as part of UmiNooz.

Sauna experience tailored to you.
  • Enjoy ultimate personalization in your private panoramic Sea Sauna:
  • Choose between classic hot air or soothing infrared heat.
  • Set the ideal temperature and control automatic infusion sessions.
  • Adjust the sauna's color to your favorite hue with the high-tech 'Dali-controlled' lighting. Experience a unique sauna ambiance like never before.
  • Enrich your UmiNooz private sauna session with a scent journey precisely when you desire.
  • Indulge in a unique and unparalleled heat experience during an automatic infusion session with delightful global fragrances.
  • Immerse yourself completely in your favorite music with the sublime sound system in the sauna. Enjoy top-quality sounds and select your favorite music using the available iPad.
At UmiNooz, you determine all the details of your unique panoramic Sea Sauna experience. Enjoy complete freedom and customize the sauna according to your personal preferences. Immerse yourself in a world of color, scent, and sound, and enjoy a sauna experience like never before.



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