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Private dinner with Seaview - a feast for all your senses

Dine in complete privacy with an unforgettable view and your personal color and sound ambiance

  • Have you ever dined with a breathtaking 270° view over the entire Belgian coast?
  • Romantic and undisturbed, just the two of you?
  • In complete privacy, without waiters or other guests around you?
  • Next to a fancy jacuzzi, a five-star bar, or a stylish panoramic terrace? Always with a sea view?
  • Completely tailored, with color atmospheres and sublime sounds of your own choosing?
  • Enjoy an all-inclusive dinner or private brunch, delivered in advance so you don't have to worry about dressing up, with no choice stress or interruptions from other people?
Far from restaurants
At UmiNooz, everything revolves around privacy and your total experience, where food is just one part of it.
Unlike restaurants, you won't have strangers around you and no waiters constantly bothering you.
Complete privacy is the focal point.
You don't have to consider opening hours or dress codes. Here, you dine when and how you want.
Everything at UmiNooz is tailored. It applies not only to your food but also to stimulating all your senses.
Choose your own color atmospheres and enjoy your favorite music during dinner.
Would you like to dine at the Sea Bar, by the Sea Jacuzzi, or prefer to be outside on the terrace? The choice is yours.
That's the ultimate luxury of time, privacy, and customization that surpasses all restaurants.

A food experience for all your senses
UmiNooz caters to all your senses. Enjoy your favorite music while dining, perfectly played on our high-quality sound system. With a simple press of a button, you can fill the space with colors, atmospheres, and images that match your mood. Everything is customized for an unforgettable culinary experience, be it breakfast or dinner.
Thus, this becomes a moment of 100% quality time for you and your partner, in complete privacy.
No disruptive factors, no time pressure, no tourists, no waiters. It's all about your ultimate experience.

A sensory private dinner for two
As a VIP resident of the beautiful UmiNooz apartment, you can truly let go of everything.
You don't even have to worry about organizing your meals. Whether you're in the mood for sushi, poke bowls, seafood, classic meat dishes, we know the caterers and external suppliers who will deliver exactly what you want. You create your own fine dining package and choose the indulgent beverages that perfectly complement it.
Whether you're looking for a generous or extra exclusive experience, with or without dessert, wine or mocktails... we arrange everything according to your preferences.
We ensure that your culinary experience at UmiNooz is delivered.
This way, you no longer have to worry about "getting dressed on time" and you can luxuriate, in privacy and tranquility, together, enjoying a delicious meal. And while you savor, you continue to gaze at the breathtaking view from the 21st floor.

Choose your own UmiNooz dining table
At UmiNooz, you are not only indulged culinary-wise but also in other ways.
Our luxury lounge offers so many possibilities that you can choose where you want to dine or have breakfast.
Enjoy an unforgettable breakfast on the spacious terrace with a breathtaking sea view. Or be enchanted by the unique atmosphere of the beautiful indoor Sea Jacuzzi. If you prefer an elegant and spacious setting, the generous Sea Bar is the perfect spot for you.
Wherever you decide to dine, you can always count on a breathtaking view of the sea.



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